The Giving Journey


In the summer of 2018, I embarked on a unique journey across Central America with my boyfriend at the time. Backpacking on a tight budget, volunteering on a farm, an ecological research center, at a school and in a hostel in exchange for meals and accommodation.

The Giving Journey” is a travel documentary series exploring ecotourism and responsible voluntourism as a means of making travel more meaningful and affordable.

We spent 80 days backpacking across 4 countries (Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico), using WWOOF & Workaway to find work exchange opportunities, stayed at eco-lodges and took tours that encompass sustainability principles to explore what “ecotourism” truly means. We also collected interviews with other travelers, hosts, non-profit and foreign government staff, and professionals in the ecotourism industry. 

From scuba diving in the Great Blue Hole in Belize, hearing a jaguar roar next to our tent in the Belize jungle, climbing an active volcano in Guatemala, camping around Costa Rica in a van, and swimming with whale sharks in Mexico- the journey was never dull.

After the trip was over, my partner and I broke up and I ended up working full-time on my mom’s legislative campaigns in 2018 & 2020. Therefore, editing this series has been put on the backburner. However, I still intend to create content out of the months of footage I captured.


You can see a video I produced about some of our time in Guatemala here:

You can watch our week traveling Costa Rica in a camper van rental here:

The Giving Journey Premiere:

Coming Eventually on Patreon and a shorter version with ads will also be available on YouTube!

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Photos from the Journey

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