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I’m Anna, the storyteller behind Spin the Globe Project. I’m a dreamer with an appetite for adventure, a desire for simplicity, a passion for social justice and sustainability with nomadic tendencies. Hence why I traveled in a self-designed tiny home on wheels for 3 years and now I’m based out of an off-grid solar-powered house on 5 acres in southern Colorado.

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My Documentary

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In 2018, I embarked on a unique journey across Central America. Backpacking on a tight budget, volunteering on a farm, an ecological research center, at a school and in a hostel in exchange for meals and accommodation. All to create “The Giving Journey“- a travel documentary exploring ecotourism and responsible voluntourism as a means of making travel more meaningful and affordable.

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The Giving Journey Premiere: Coming Soon(ish) on Patreon and YouTube!

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