Another Privileged White Girl Travels the World to Find Herself

I began this journey like most wanderers, driven by an insatiable appetite for adventure. I suppose it is the same fuel which pollutes my brain with fantasy. A fairytale in which, risk is the elixir for happiness, and the higher the dose, the more fulfilled I become.

Politics Are Pointless, But I Jumped Into My Mom’s Political Campaign Anyway

When I was 7, I sat cross-legged on my living room floor, my eyes glued to the television as I watched the president of the United States vehemently deny having sexual relations with a White House intern. I was both mesmerized and confused.

How to Travel Full-Time by Working Online & Living in Airbnbs

Everything my husband and I own fits into the trunk of our car (except our dog, she fits in the back seat). We currently travel full-time by working online while living in Airbnbs (and we do it with student debt), but it wasn’t always like this. Nine months ago, in a move shocking to my …