girl on van in front of grand teton mountains

Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park Adventure Guide

Wyoming is home to some postcard-worthy scenery and wildlife, and the perfect sample of it is sprawled across Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. While Yellowstone is home to the world’s largest hydrothermal features, Grand Teton flaunts the beauty of geological forces combined with crystal clear lakes formed by alpine glaciers.

Hiking the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim: A Complete Guide

Hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim is a once in a lifetime experience that easily made it into my top 3 favorite hikes of all time. The day’s last rays of light reflecting off the multicolored rocks, the steady babble of Bright Angel Creek, the curious wildlife, and the desert landscape slowly morphing …

How to Ethically Swim With Whale Sharks in Mexico

The once elusive whale sharks are now notorious on social media due to a relatively recent rise in whale shark tourism. For years I marveled at these photographs and followed their migration from Australia, to South East Asia, to Belize and finally encountered them nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

How to Travel Full-Time by Working Online & Living in Airbnbs

My cousin Chelsea has been traveling full-time with her husband and dog all over the U.S. and Mexico for over a year now, and I thought her experience would be extremely useful to my readers looking for ways to make a remote income. Everything my husband and I own fits into the trunk of our …

10 Cheap Travel Hacks: How I Traveled the World on a Tight Budget

It is no secret that travel can be as cheap or expensive as your personal preferences require. Just know, that if you’re on a tight budget and can’t suppress your wanderlust, travel is still obtainable. This article includes the 10 cheap travel hacks I used to travel the world for FREE or on a tight …