couple kissing at ice lake basin at sunset

Goodbye 2020: Enough Said, But I’ll Say Some Things Anyway

This year has brought tragedy, pain, sadness, and loneliness for many, but I think its superpower was forcing ugly truths about our society and humanity to bubble up to the surface–where they need to be, to sustainably create positive change. It’s hard to pinpoint the moment where 2020 turned into an apocalyptic movie, but somewhere …

Why I Quit My Dream Job and Moved Into A Van

I often oversimplify my journey to van life and entrepreneurship with a sentence that goes something like this: I quit my NYC non-profit job after becoming disheartened with international development work, backpacked around Asia to do some soul searching, then bought a van, hit the road and started building an online business. The truth is, …

Another Privileged White Girl Travels the World to Find Herself

I began this journey like most wanderers, driven by an insatiable appetite for adventure. I suppose it is the same fuel which pollutes my brain with fantasy. A fairytale in which, risk is the elixir for happiness, and the higher the dose, the more fulfilled I become.