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Van Specs

Make & Model: 2016 Ford Transit 250 (low top)

Size: Standard length, 130″ wheelbase

Engine: 3.7L V6

Fuel: Flex-fuel, Gasoline or Ethanol

Mileage (when purchased): 18,000

ford transit van conversion

After Conversion Specs

Fuel Consumption: up to 17 MPG

High Top Extension: 24″ Fiberglass bubble top made and installed by Fiberine

Living Space: Approx. 55 square feet (not counting driver & passenger seat area)

Exterior Height: 9’6″

Interior Height: 6’1″

Cost of Conversion: $48,000 (includes labor, materials, appliances, solar electric setup, high-top extension, and various exterior upgrades)

Casper the Van 2.0 is a remodeled version of my first $3.5K budget self-converted van build. It is the same Ford Transit van, but the conversion was redone from scratch to include most of the luxuries I wish I had incorporated in my first DIY build. Casper 2.0 was designed by me and built by RV Renovators in Mesa, Arizona.

Ford Transit Van Conversion Details & Supplies

Kitchen & Plumbing

Exterior Upgrades

Interior Upgrades

Swivel Base for Passenger Seat*

I bought my custom swivel base through DiscountVanTruck for $199 (the Amazon link above is a comparable model)

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