How to Ethically Swim With Whale Sharks in Mexico

The once elusive whale sharks are now notorious on social media due to a relatively recent rise in whale shark tourism. For years I marveled at these photographs and followed their migration from Australia, to South East Asia, to Belize and finally encountered them nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Jungle Trekking in Thailand With an Ethical Elephant Encounter

I landed in Thailand without a plan and quickly found myself up north in the quaint town of Chiang Mai. A place where accommodation is cheap, temples are ubiquitous, and trekking with elephants is the thing everyone is talking about.

Uganda Journals Week 4: Murchison Falls Safari & Chimpanzee Tracking

July 22, 2013 So it’s been a few weeks and I have a lot to catch everyone up on about my travels. Since I last blogged I went hiking at Sipi Falls, which consisted of a relatively steep and muddy hike to three different but equally beautiful and magnificent waterfalls. The landscape was lush, and …