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Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

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Argentina is a magical place where the people are vibrant, the cities are eclectic and the dancing is sexy.

I had a whirlwind introduction with just one short week there, and Argentina was my last stop on a South America backpacking endeavor, which gave it both an advantage and disadvantage.

We started in Mendoza, a beautiful town with a backdrop of the Andes, where we sipped and rode our way through a wine and bike tour. Then we traded our wine glasses for some adventure equipment as we kayaked, paddle boarded, repelled, and paraglided around. The town itself is very innovative and flaunts an impressive irrigation system that was developed by the indigenous Huarpes people and is still used to this day to funnel water to the world famous vineyards.

From Mendoza we headed to Buenos Aires, where we got lost in the cities architectural diversity and wild nightlife. We witnessed the influence of Spanish, Italian, Greek, French and German architects  blend of buildings that creates an incomparable masterpiece.  The city holds many historical tragedies and memorials for historical figures. We visited the memorial commemorating Evita, a controversial but influential women in Argentina’s past. We explored the colorful neighborhood of La Boca during the day and enjoyed some Tango by candlelight at night.

Finally, we ended our journey in Iguazu at the famous Natural Wonder. We viewed the massive waterfall from every vantage point on the Argentina side, before getting up close and personal on a boat ride through it.

All and all, Argentina is a spectacular and diverse country in landscape and culture, and it is indeed an adventurers paradise. There is something for everyone, whether it be unwinding at the vineyards, rafting through the Mendoza river, or experiencing the nightlife in the lively streets of Buenos Aires.



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