Santiago is surprisingly developed, the people are extremely helpful and friendly, and many locals speak English. It may not be my favorite spot in Chile but the city offers a lot of history, and shows a different side of the country.

Interesting Tidbits…

September 11 is also a tragic day for Chileans, because it marks the anniversary of the 1973 Military Coup. The locals build fires throughout the city every year on this day along the riverbank to honor the dead and show strength and independence from military control (or at least that is the explanation I gathered from my taxi driver in my broken Spanish).

Chile has a female President named Michelle Bachelet…

Things to do in Santiago…

1.Explore the city through a free English walking tour that meets in Plaza de Armas (the main square) every day. Noteworthy stops on the tour include: New York Street, and La Pica de Clinton (a cafe where US President Clinton once ate at and was then subsequently named after him)

2.The free walking tour ends at the Pablo Neruda Museum, where you should take the time to walk through the eclectic decor of the famous Chilean poet’s old home


3. Grab a cappuccino at a unique “Coffee with Legs” cafe. These cafes are hidden throughout the city with provocatively dressed women, and some not dressed at all serving coffee.

Where to stay…

Spend the night relaxing in the lounge with rooftop views of the plaza from the extremely quaint and affordable Plaza de Armas Hostel.

Things you’ll see around…

Bullet hole from the 1973 military coup

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