The average American produces 4.5 pounds of trash a day! When we change how we consume products, we can directly improve our impact on the environment that we need to survive.

Zero Waste is a concept that redesigns resource life cycles by reusing products. The aim is to reduce trash in landfills and the ocean, by purchasing and using products- that by design, eliminate waste.

Make this your mantra: Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose. Recycle.

This kit is a great starting place if you are looking to reduce the amount of waste you produce.

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A Few Quick Tips:

Try to eliminate one-use plastics, throw away products, and avoid unnecessary plastic packaging:

  • Switch to a reusable water bottle and straw
  • Switch to a reusable towel and napkin
  • Carry a spork or bamboo utensils for dining out
  • Transition to cleaning, beauty and hygiene products that come in refillable or compostable containers
  • Shop with reusable grocery and produce bags
  • Store dry food in jars
  • Buy in bulk
  • Use products with alternative packaging
  • Compost your food waste that can be grown in a field or a garden
  • TerraCycle products and packaging that can’t be recycled through your cities recycling services



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