Tasmania is a small but captivating island off the southern coast of Australia full of exotic animals and mystical rainforests. It’s a place where you can encounter some bizarre-looking creatures in the wild, climb mountains with fairytale scenery, set off for a hike in sunlight, get briefly caught in snow or rain and end in sunshine, admire unique curtains of waterfalls, and you’ll leave with a piqued sense of wonder. Depending on the time of year, you might also be able to catch a glimpse of the southern lights in the night sky!

Getting There & Getting Around

Fly into Hobart or Launceston. I recommend flying into one airport and flying out of the other, to give you a better opportunity to explore both ends of the island and so you don’t have to backtrack.

Tasmania is a relatively small island that takes about 4 hours to drive across, so you can easily get around by rental car or bus.

Car rental rates start at $58USD/day (it’s cheaper from the Launceston airport than from Hobart).

Metro operates most local buses in Hobart, Burnie and Launceston. You can purchase a preloaded Greencard from select areas in Hobart, to get slightly reduced fares.

Tassielink Transit buses offer transit options for longer distances. Routes include stops at Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park.

Redline is a private coach company that allows you to travel between Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie. However, this service is typically used for airport transfers.


There are a handful of hostels and Airbnbs in Hobart and Launceston as well as near the national parks and the coast.

Hostel dorms in Launceston start at $19USD/night and in Hobart they start at $24USD/night.

Airbnbs around the island start at $38USD/night.

So in case you are unfamiliar with what Tasmania has to offer or you are one of those people who secretly don’t know the difference between “Tasmania” (an island-state off the SouthEast coast of Australia) and “Tanzania” (a country in East Africa), here are 4 reasons you should start planning a trip to visit Tasmania:

1. The Views


The dramatic landscapes you’ll wander through and quaint towns you’ll be exposed to, will top anything you can see on the main island of Australia.

I recommend making time for Cradle Mountain National Park and Mount Field National Park.


2. The Waterfalls

waterfalls in mount field national park while on a visit in Tasmania

The fairytale-esque cascades that are scattered around Mount Field National Park will make you feel inspired and invigorated.

waterall in tasmania

3. The Wildlife

If the fact that I encountered more wildlife in my week in Tasmania than my year in Australia’s mainland isn’t enough to convince you, then maybe these photos of marsupials and unidentified night-tree-dweller will do the trick.



If you dream of escaping to a peaceful destination with unforgettable scenery and wildlife, then you can be assured that the serene hikes and tranquil views you’ll experience in Cradle Mountain National Park will leave you feeling infinitely more at peace than before your visit.

Logistical Tips for Booking Your Trip
Booking Flights
I typically use Skyscanner to book my flights because it allows you to search through websites and airlines worldwide all in one convenient search engine. You can also get price alerts for flights you’re interested in.
Booking Accommodation
I always book my hostels through Hostelworld. If I’m not staying in a hostel, then I often book an AirBnB.
Using a VPN for Online Bookings
I also use a VPN (a powerful virtual tool that provides you with a private, anonymous, and secure internet connection) when searching for flights, accommodation, and rental cars. Since websites track your online activity and location, then use these factors to make the rates you are given dramatically higher than their true value, a VPN ensures that you get the best rates, by eliminating artificially high prices based on your country and internet search history. I recommend an affordable VPN like Surfshark to make sure you are getting the best travel deals online!
Travel Insurance
I always travel with insurance, because I know all too well how many things can go wrong while traveling (and sometimes even beforehand). Travel insurance can protect you against certain cancellations, theft, lost luggage, trip interruptions, medical emergencies, and more. I use and highly recommend InsureMyTrip to find, compare and buy the plan that makes the most sense for each trip.
Other Travel Resources
Check out my Travel Resources Page to see the best companies, apps, jobs and other resources I use when traveling on a tight budget.

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