Whether you’re looking for a walk outside of the hustle and bustle of the city or a chance for a photo with Australia’s famous marsupials and other wildlife, Sydney has many cheap activities available.

Here are three worth while activities for making your time in Sydney count.

Royal National Park & Wattamolla

Take the train to Cronulla, and then a ferry to Bundeena to get to the Royal National Park (about 40 km south of the Sydney CBD). After a short trek through the bush, you’ll find the trail, where the journey really begins. Whether you make it to Wattamolla waterfall and lagoon or just to one of the beaches along the way, the coastal trail is easy enough for the inexperienced hiker and the scenery is incredible! However, and this is important: PACK A LOT OF WATER (don’t underestimate the Aussie sun and those holes in the ozone) and start early if you plan to make it to Wattamolla from Bundeena (the hike is 24km rountrip)! Find out more logistics here. Some things you’ll see along the way…

These cliffs, which make for a great jumping photo op
Marley Beach

Bondi to Coogee Walk 

If you’re not one for sitting on the beach, but you enjoy coastal views, then the Bondi-Coogee walk is perfect for you! This non-strenuous stroll boasts phenomenal city skylines and stunning ocean views, making for an epic combo of scenery. It is about 5km and takes a little over an hour. There are several buses and trains that will take you to either starting point depending on which part of the city you are coming from.

Interact with Kaolas and Kanagaroos at Featherdale

Featherdale Wildlife Park is a short bus ride away from the Sydney CBD and is the cheaper alternative to the Sydney Zoo. You can feed kangaroos, take photos with koalas and watch the penguins and Tasmanian Devil’s during feeding time. Oh and keep and eye out for jumping peacocks! Featherdale takes in injured native wildlife and educates children about protecting endangered animals, so you can feel good about paying your park entrance fee.

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