Visiting The West Bank: A Perspective on Peace Amongst a Controversial Conflict

The technicalities behind Palestine’s recognition as a sovereign state, piqued my interest years ago in a United Nations course during my graduate program, and eventually drew me to the West Bank on a warm day in July of 2017.

girl and dog in a van

How Solo Van Life Made Me Rethink Being Single

Written: Sept. 16, 2017 Imagine a 5’2” twenty something peeking over the steering wheel of a white cargo van, winding through Navajo Nation with distinct red hues gleaming off pillar shaped rock formations in the distance, 80’s pop blaring through the speakers, and a miniature sheep peeking out the passenger window.

Ugandan Women with her daughters (blurred faces)

Battling Hope and Despair Under the Ugandan Sun

In the summer of 2013, I spent my month-long break from my Master’s program in International Development volunteering at a locally run community development organization in Uganda. This blog post is a journal entry I wrote reflecting on my time there about 6 months later. Written: February 2014 When the heat of the sun’s rays …