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3 Reasons to Fall In Love With Winter in Switzerland

The infamous mountain ranges, historical cities, fondue and swiss chocolate are all good reasons to visit Switzerland, but if you visit in winter, chances are you will fall in love.

The historical architecture certainly won’t disappoint you, but the markets, the alps and fondue will blow you away! No matter your religion, the Christmas markets will surely satisfy your taste buds with their delicious holiday treats and festive displays.

Whether you have a business trip in Zurich or you are simply setting out to see the area quickly, a short trip will not disappoint if you squeeze in these three things.

3 Reasons Why Switzerland Is a Winter Wonderland:

1. Swiss Alps  

Sunbathing in the swiss alps was the highlight of Switzerland for me. If you have a day to spare and want to explore above the clouds with a glimpse of the Alps. Travel over to Lucerne for some unforgettable views of Mount Pilatus and fondue that will linger in your dreams for day.

Getting there: It takes roughly an hour to get from the Zurich main station (Zurich HB) to Luzern by train.

For around $60 USD you can get roundtrip transport from Lucerne to the top of Pilatus’ highest peak and back to the main station. This will include bus tickets to Kriens, then seats on the panorama gondola, and finally the breathtaking Aerial cableway to reach a stunning 6,982 feet. Purchase your tickets at the Information Center in the Lucerne Train Station.

Once at the top, treat yourself to some fondue at Hotel Pilatus Kulm. It may be chilly, but when you are lounging under a wool blanket in the glistening snow, you will thank yourself.

Don’t forget to check the cableway timetables, so you don’t get stuck at the top for the night. The last ride down is at 4:30pm. For more information about Pilatus, visit Pilatus Luzern.

 2. Christmas Markets

Wander through the Christmas markets and be enchanted by the glow of Christmas lights, and the warmth of hot chocolate and fondue chalets or gather around the Christmas tree as you sip on mulled wine.

Indulge yourself on a sheepskin rug by the fire while you nibble on melted swiss cheese over warm bites of bread. Watch the ice skaters zoom by, or jump in and test out your balance. It won’t really matter what you do, because you’ll be so mesmerized by the animation of it all.

For those with dietary restrictions: The majority of Fondue restaurants have gluten-free bread available upon request.

3. The Streets of Zurich and Lucerne

Once you land in Zurich, you’ll be impressed by the helpful information desks at the airport, the clean and modern trains, and the ease at which you can get around on public transit and in English.

Plus, you’ll never run out of water with over 1200 drinkable fountains to chose from! You can lose yourself in the narrow streets of old town Zurich all day, and then find yourself again on the lit up bridges of Lucerne at night.

If you come in winter, you’ll be mesmerized by the twinkling holiday lights that line the city streets and bridges.

Don’t forget to walk across Chapel Bridge and keep an eye out for swans (they’re everywhere)!

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    THanks for sharing this guide about Switzerland trip. Switzerland has 4 official languages: Swiss German which is spoken by over two thirds of the population, French, Italian, and Romansh. Great Post keep sharing/

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