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Llamas, Rain and Incan Ruins: Attempting to Blend into Peruvian Life

So, the last few weeks have been eventful, and exceedingly crucial to the development of my opinion of Cusco. Despite a rocky start here, the positive qualities of this historical city are winning me over more and more each day.

I’ve seen countless llamas, I’ve experienced copious amounts of lluvia (rain), explored more of the city, and hiked to some more Incan ruins including temple of the moon and temple of the sun, which proved to have phenomenal views (as can be seen by the picture above and below).
I’ve survived a week of practical teaching in a class of ten jovenes (teenagers) and successfully completed my TEFL course (certificate to teach English as a foreign language). I also got a teaching job at Maximo Nivel, which I start in March part-time subbing and full-time in April.
The group celebrating finishing TEFL!
I went on a lovely hike to Balcon del Inca with some cool people and saw more llamas including the one below who clearly didn’t share my interest.
Sacsayhuaman (AKA “Sexy Woman”) and Christo Blanco in the background
Balcon Del Inca
In front of Saint Cristobal (Plaza de Armas in the background)
I said goodbye to my amazing host mom Gabriella and delicious food and moved into my spectacular new apartment with these three gringos.
My roommates and I exploring the city
It’s unclear if my Spanish is improving, but luckily I begin my Spanish classes tomorrow, and I now have an abundant amount of time to devote to immersing myself in the language.
Overall, the altitude and fickle weather are a small price to pay to live amongst the beauty that encompasses Cusco.



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