I celebrated the second anniversary of my 21st birthday a few Thursdays ago with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met and as life would have it, it’s the second birthday I spent in Sydney.

The places you chose to attend on your birthday are very telling of your favorite local spots, and this birthday as an American expat in Australia was no exception. So what better way to share my favorite nightlife spots in Sydney then to give you my birthday itinerary.

We started off at the 360 bar at the Sydney tower, which slowly rotates while you dine and drink. The bar offers amazing views of Sydney from almost 1,000 feet above the streets!

Then we went to Baxter’s, a quaint 1920’s speak easy themed underground bar with a lovely candlelit atmosphere. After some free wine and good company, we called it a night to prepare for the next day of birthday festivities.

The following day, we spent the night at Ivy bar where some of us went for a spontaneous swim in the pool with our clothes on.

360 Restaurant and Bar (Sydney Tower)

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