Van Specs

  • 2016 Ford Transit 250 (low top)
  • Standard length, 130″ wheelbase
  • 24″ Fiberglass bubble top made and installed by Fiberine
  • 9’6″ Exterior clearance, Interior height of 6’1″
  • 3.7L V6 Engine, Up to 17 MPG (after conversion)
  • Rear view mirror back up camera
  • Approx. 55 square feet of living space

Casper the Van 2.0 is a remodeled version of my first budget self-converted van build. It is the same van, but redone from scratch to include most of the luxuries I wish I had incorporated in my first DIY build.

Casper 2.0 was designed by me and built by RV Renovators in Mesa, Arizona.

I’m extremely impressed by the high quality work of the talented crew at RV Renovators-especially James and Curtis. They truly made my design come to life!

Van Conversion Details & Supplies


Floor, Walls & Ceiling

Kitchen Appliances



Bedroom & Living Room

Electric & Solar

Exterior Upgrades

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