Van Specs

  • 2016 Ford Transit 250
  • Standard length, 130″ wheelbase
  • 24″ Fiberglass bubble top by Fiberine
  • 9’6″ Exterior clearance, Interior height of 6 feet
  • 3.7L V6 Engine, Up to 20 MPG
  • Rear view mirror back up camera
  • Approx. 53 square feet of living space

Casper the Van 2.0 is a remodeled version of my first budget self-converted van build. It is the same van, but redone from scratch to include most of the luxuries I wish I had incorporated in my first build.

Casper 2.0 is currently being built by RV Renovators in Mesa, Arizona.

Van Conversion Details & Supplies


Floor, Walls & Ceiling

Kitchen Appliances



Bedroom & Living Room

Electric & Solar

Exterior Upgrades

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